About Us

Off-Season Apparel: For those of us working tirelessly towards our dreams. Whether it be making it to the big leagues, landing that dream job, or getting your big break – we understand the level of hard work it takes to make it. So when you’re ready to take a step back, unwind, and appreciate everything you’ve accomplished, Off-Season is here to have you feeling and looking your best.

Three professional athletes and close friends founded the company in 2018. Through years of hard work and dedication we have grown to genuinely appreciate our off-seasons, and wanted to create something that embodies this feeling. In keeping with that goal, we developed Off-Season Apparel: A high quality brand that bridges the gap between comfort and style. No matter what your Off-Season looks like, we’ve got you covered.

Off-Season is very proud to be partnering with Jumpstart, a foundation committed to ensuring kids in need have equal access to sports and physical activity. Sports have played a significant role in our lives by teaching us valuable life skills, developing lifelong friendships, contributing to our physical health, and providing us with countless memories. We believe these are opportunities every child should get the chance to experience, which is why we have committed to donate a portion of every purchase to Jumpstart in order to promote a more inclusive world for children of all abilities and resources. 

To learn more about Jumpstart or if you wish to donate, please visit their website at: 


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